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Smartphones are used for a number of purposes. Smartphones can make many task easy. By using smartphone an individual can do almost everything. The user can join discussion groups, can research for educational purposes and can even research those things which are not practical.For example by using a smartphone the user can study the development of various things. The major purpose for using smartphone is communication. Most of the time it is used for talking to people and in free time when people have nothing to do then they switch to smartphone for entertainment purposes.Smartphone serves quite well the entertainment needs of an individual. By using smartphone an individual can listen to music,watch movies and can even see and make videos. Hence smartphone is a multi functional device. By using smartphone and individual can do many tasks at the same time.

Be backup with call recorder

Smartphone can also be used for recording purposes. By using smartphone an individual can not only make calls but can also record calls. Sometimes it happens that the chatting between two people is so important that it need to be recorded. Before the introduction of smartphones call recordings were used for recording purposes. These call recorders were not imbibed within the phone but were used separately from the phone. A person who does not have access to call recorders was not in a position to record any important call. But now call recorders are imbibed within smartphones. By using inbuilt call recorder a user can record any kind of communication. But if call recorder is not inbuilt then the user has the option of downloading and installing call recorder app from play store. The call recording apps are also very good for the purpose of recording voice. By using these apps an individual can record the voice in HD. The user can even determine the settings and can decide when the recorder should start playing and when it should be off. For installing call recording apps in the user don't even need to spend money as most of these apps are free to download and install.The user can even select the file format of the recordings in the call recorder. The user can choose any kind of call recorder app that best suit the needs of the user.

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Automatic Call Recorder are available for free so it does not assign any accuracy about the application and even the voice quality maybe low. To get full versions of this application you need to download 9Apps store and from there we can get this application for free. 

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